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reports going to the spammer?


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Spamvertised Website is http:/ /sns-0en.mobi/bq/gyakuen/

Arin redirects to Apnic.

Apnic says that the whois administrator is nextwebphil[at]gmail.com which appears to be the spammer.

Any suggestions?

Edit by SteveT to break URL to avoid inadvertent navigation to spamvertized site.

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Hi, jrr7,

...IMHO, you are probably wise to be cautious, although chances are probably small that there would be retaliation (but why take the chance?)! If you are able to determine an upstream provider (I don't know how to do that, myself, but others will have no doubt posted suggestions in this Forum, so a search may prove fruitful) you could send there; if not, you can submit to the SpamCop parser and just not send any reports (uncheck the box for the suspected spammer if SpamCop offers it as a destination to send a report) and submit. This will send reports to those you do leave selected, if any, and will feed the SpamCop submission to SURBL.

...In general, for reporting spamvertized sites, there are better tools than SpamCop. Often mentioned here are Knujon and Complainterator.

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