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inetnum: -

netname: JO-JTC

descr: JTC

country: JO

admin-c: NI146-RIPE

tech-c: NI146-RIPE


mnt-by: JTC-MNT

changed: nazik[at]go.com.jo 20090503

source: RIPE

person: Nazik Irshead

address: Orange - Jordan

phone: +962 6 5805205

fax-no: +962 6 5850102

mnt-by: GO-JOR

nic-hdl: NI146-RIPE

changed: nazik[at]go.com.jo 20070717

source: RIPE


descr: Jordan TelecomGroup

descr: Network Operation Center

descr: Tel. +962-6-5805205

descr: Fax: +962-6-5850100

origin: AS8697

remarks: ===============================

remarks: Jordan Telecom -Amman/Jordan

remarks: Route 2

remarks: ===============================

notify: nazik.irshaid[at]jt.net.jo

mnt-routes: JTC-MNT

mnt-by: JTC-MNT

changed: nazik.irshaid[at]jt.net.jo 20080608

source: RIPE

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