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Mail sent is NOT same as mail received

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I would argue this is impossible, but it has now happened twice and I have proof.

The simple description is:

I email someone and cc myself. The copy I receive via cc, and the one in my sent box are identical. However, the copy received by the other person contains text I deleted before sending, and is missing text I added before sending.

Here is the detailed sequence using Webmail interface:

1) Person A sends a message to a distribution list that includes person B and myself.

2) Person B forwards direct to me with a comment on person A's message (person A is NOT cc'd on that forward).

3) I click "Reply", and I remove person B's address and add both person A and the distribution list address. I remove person B's comment from the message, and I add text of my own.

4) Both person B and myself receive the same message (via the distribution list), and that message is identical to the message in my sent box (as it should be). However, person A receives a message containing person B's comments that I had removed, and is also lacking the text I added. All the time stamps are identical and there is no message in my sent box corresponding to the message person A received.

If that's not strange enough, the prior incident is even more bizarre. The sequence was exactly the same, except for the following:

1) Person A was a different person.

2) Person B received the same message as person A. That means that the distribution list sent person B and myself DIFFERENT messages! Surely that is impossible???

How is this possible, and can it be fixed? I have all the relevant messages from the most recent event, and some of the messages from the prior event.

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Hi, ricktravers,

...Sorry to hear of your problem. As always, if no one more knowledgeable comes by soon with a better suggestion, I would recommend that you report this by navigating to the link in the SpamCop FAQ (links to which appear near the top left of every SpamCop Forum page) labeled "I forgot my Password / can't login / other account problems."

...Good luck!

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Sounds like some sort of multiple sessions/consoles/windows thing to me. In posts to this forum I've achieved something similar (inadvertently) when editing a submission - guess it can happen with any editable webform - difference being that with a forum submission, as opposed to a webmail submission, it can be retrieved and corrected. Whatever it is, hopefully e-mail support or other webmail users can help you sort it out, per Steve T's suggestion.

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