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How to invoke email forwarding on already filtered mail?


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(I did look through the FAQs, couldn't get anything usable with the keywords I had to use in searching, either)

I removed mail forwarding from my Spamcop account for a few days.

Mail was filtered during this time and accumulated in my Spamcop inbox.

I subsequently added back in an email address to which I wished Spamcop to resume forwarding mail to.

That worked fine, Spamcop is doing exactly what it has always done so well for so long, new incoming mail is being filtered and sent on to the target email account.

What I cannot figure out is how to get the email - that accumulated in the Spamcop inbox during the "no forward" period - to be forwarded automatically to the target account - it sits in the Spamcop inbox and is not being picked up for forwarding (which is logical enough, really.)

What is the accepted and usual way of dealing with this non-moving mail? Foward each item by hand or is there a known way of kicking it out automatically?



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