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[Resolved] spam Coming From My Own Email Address (it looks like)


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I just got a job offer spam, and it has my email address as sender. In the header it says "From (my adress)", and "To (my address)".

In the body it gives a contact email address in which to fill in one's name, place, and the amount of hours one wants to work, which I suppose is the spammer's email address.

I see all this in Mailwasher. What do I do now? Report it anyway to SP -because SP will figure out where it really came from- or do I better skip this one?

PS: using that given contact email address, I just asked the person sending me the offer if he could give me the URL of the website where in a remote past I might have given my data looking for home work, so that I can unsubscribe myself there.

I did not mention anything about SP reporting... ;)

I also just received a few more of the same, but with -besides my own email address as sender- also others' as senders with the same as my ISP's based address. Only their names are different.

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The "From" address is almost always forged in spam (this is very easy to do), and it signifies nothing. Neither SpamCop nor any other competent service will treat it as an origin of the spam, nor do anything else with the info.

If the scammer names an e-mail address in the body for replies, then this address can safely be regarded as being used by the scammer and therefore reportable. You'll have to figure out how to do this for yourself, SpamCop won't do this (there are however a couple of user-contributed articles on the SpamCop Wiki that could be of help). Some mail providers (hotmail) are more diligent than others (yahoo) when it comes dealing with your reports.

If I were you, I would never respond directly to a suspect e-mail message. First of all, this only encourages them; second of all, it exposes you to the scammer for future targeting.

-- rick

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>- What do I do now? Report it anyway to SP

Report it. SpamCop totally ignores the email addresses in spam.

As a general rule, people should never respond to spam in any way. The return address on spam and virus traffic is *always* forged, and "remove" addresses are almost universally fake or forged, as are any "remove" links you might find in the spam. Even if by some miracle they actually work, it's likely the spammer is simply using them to verify addresses. If you respond to spam, you're telling the spammer that your address is working and that you read the mail to it. That's pretty much spammer heaven.

- Don D'Minion - SpamCop Admin -

- Service[at]Admin.SpamCop.net -


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Thank you both.

Right after posting the above I searched for this issue on Internet, and found the explanation. I vaguely remembered it, but wanted to see it confirmed. As you do here now also.

I first wanted to give the sender an opportunity to tell me where I might have given my address when I was interested in finding home work. I vaguely remember I might have a long time ago. In which case it would not be spam.

But after just receiving more of the same spam with different other contact email addresses -but all with "(xxx)(at)euroworknl.com"- I understand it is indeed just spam. Especially after I found that "www.euroworksnl.com" and "www.euroworks.nl" do not exists anymore. The domain names are for sale.

So I just reported them as spam, but 2 of them resulted in "Nothing to do" due to IPv6. (I know SP working on this.)

The reason I responded to that contact address is that I don't mind cooperating a bit as a spam trap for SP... : )

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