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How can I use SpamCop with Zimbra?


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How can i use spamcop with zimbra?


I don't know about zimbra but other members might, certainly there are one or two in the past who have said they use it.

There are two ways to submit spam to SpamCop:

- pasting it in at the web interface, through the SpamCop reporting account member page (which is NOT the same as the forum account),

- forwarding it by e-mail as an attachment to the "submit" (or "quick") address for your reporting account (better for handling large amounts of spam).

There should be no reason you cannot use either. By all means ask in the forum for advice about either or both - or search the internet to learn from the zimbra community at large. Assuming we are dealing with the zimbra client, rather than "off-line" re-direction through a separate client (in which case see http://www.spamcop.net/fom-serve/cache/19.html etc.), a new topic in the forum "SpamCop Reporting Help" has been created - http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=13217

For the web interface submission (one spam at a time) you need to include the full message headers (and a Google search zimbra email full header may tell you how).

For the e-mail submission (can be many spam at the same time) you need to forward the whole spams as an attachments, NOT "inline". Again, an internet search for zimbra forward email as attachment may be helpful.

Any follow-up to the new forum topic please, for the benefit of others seeking solutions.

Now, using the SCbl (SpamCop blocklist) and/or other RBL/DNSBLs to possibly filter a Zimbra account is a whole different topic and would logically require high-level administrative access to the Zimbra installation at the enterprise level, some sort of additional module(s), etc. Or individual account use via re-direction to Mailwasher or similar. See http://www.spamcop.net/fom-serve/cache/290.html (the first three links). Any follow-up along these lines will need another topic being opened elsewhere.

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If we're talking about the Zimbra Desktop client, then it's way easier than that. At least as far as my installation is concerned:

{userprofile}\Local Settings\Application Data\Zimbra\zdesktop\store\0

And all the messages are plain text though are of the extension .msg as in Outlook Email File Type.

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