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[Resolved] -> support[at]leaseweb.de

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About, abuse[at]leaseweb.de has been disabled, so we should use support[at]leaseweb.de

support[at]leaseweb.de creates a ticket automatically.

inetnum: -

netname:    NETDIRECT-NET

descr:     Leaseweb Germany GmbH (previously netdirekt e. K.)

remarks:    INFRA-AW

country:    DE

admin-c:    LSWG-RIPE

tech-c:     LSWG-RIPE

status:     ASSIGNED PA

source:     RIPE

person:     RIPE Mann

address:    Kleyerstrasse 79 / Tor 13

address:    60326 Frankfurt am Main

address:    Germany

phone:     +49 69 90556880

fax-no:     +49 69 9055688-22

abuse-mailbox: abuse[at]leaseweb.de

nic-hdl:    LSWG-RIPE

mnt-by:     OCOM-MNT

source:     RIPE

changed:    ripe[at]leaseweb.com 20120323


descr:     ORG-nA8-RIPE

origin:     AS28753

org:      ORG-nA8-RIPE

mnt-lower:   NETDIRECT-MNT

mnt-routes:   NETDIRECT-MNT

mnt-by:     NETDIRECT-MNT

changed:    technik[at]netdirekt.de 20090126

source:     RIPE

organisation:  ORG-nA8-RIPE

org-name:    Leaseweb Germany GmbH

org-type:    LIR

address:    Leaseweb Germany GmbH Kleyer Strasse 79 / Tor 13 60326 Frankfurt Germany

phone:     +496990556880

fax-no:     +4969905568822

e-mail:     support[at]leaseweb.de

mnt-ref:    NETDIRECT-MNT

mnt-ref:    RIPE-NCC-HM-MNT

mnt-by:     RIPE-NCC-HM-MNT

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