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[Resolved] Thunderbird with spamcop filtered email account

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In order to use my filtered email account with Thunderbird, I need a few pieces of information.

IMAP server name:

IMAP Port:

Connection Security:

Authentication Method.

Server Name is PROBABLY imap.spamcop,net, but I could use a confirmation

Port is probably 143 for insecure or 993 for ssl (Which is of course prefered).

Connection Security should be one of these: None, STARTTLS, SSL/TLS

Authentication Method should be one of these: Normal Password, Encrypted Password, Kerebos/GSSAPI, NTM, TLS Certificate

This really should be documented in an FAQ, but if it is, it is well hidden.

Help please

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Server name is imap.spamcop.net or imap.cesmail.net.

Port is 143

Username is full SpamCop/CESmail mail address

Connection Security none or STARTTLS. If STARTTLS you will get a certificate error. Click skip or accept or whatever it is.

Authentication method: Normal Password

- Don -

Just so there's no confusion... I work for the reporting side of SpamCop, which is a completely separate company from the Email Service you have your account with. If the problem is not about spam reporting, all I can offer is advice.


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See also this sub-forum:

SpamCop Discussion > Discussions & Observations > SpamCop Email System & Accounts > SpamCop Flat-Rate Email Account Setup

Particularly, under Important Topics: "Pinned: FAQ: Getting Mail From The SpamCop Email System"

It may be worth looking through the Flat-Rate Email Account Setup subforum for answers to other questions.

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Thanks all. With your assistance, this is what I ended up with(that works):

On the "Server Settings Page" for a created account. (The wizard seems to be a bit more difficult to force into correct behavior.)

Server Type: IMAP Mail Server

Server Name: imap.cesmail.net Port: 143

User Name: myname[at]spamcop.net

Security Settings

Connection Security: None

Authentication Method: Password, Transmitted insecurely

(All other settings I left at default, but I doubt they matter)

Any chance of this getting in the FAQs?

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Two points:

1. Shouldn't this thread be in the subforum "SpamCop Flat-Rate Email Account Setup" with other discussions on this topic?

2. SSL/TLS with port 993 do work for IMAP with Thunderbird, for those preferring a secured connection.

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Thanks BobLLL - given the definition of the subforum ("This forum is for discussing setting up a new SpamCop Email account. Here, you can find specific information on setting up an email account for various ISP's and email programs.") you have to be correct about the location. Moved. Thanks also for confirmation of SSL port.

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