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t.co twitter URL shortner spams with multiple URLs

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Hi, Nexttime!

The spammers are putting 2 to 3 twitter URLs in their spam but I only see one URL being reported to Twitter.

Just curious why? Shouldn't SpamCop report all the twitter URLs that were in a spam message?


...SpamCop might do that if: (1) SpamCop's purpose were to report each individual spamvertized link to the spamvertized site admin and (2) one of SpamCop's main purposes were to report spamvertized URLs. AFAIK, neither of these is true.

...For more information, please see the SpamCop FAQ entry labeled "SpamCop reporting of spamvertized sites - some philosophy."

Actual report ID 5949024931 for reference.
...Only you (and SpamCop admins) can call up parses by report ID, the rest of us need the Tracking URL. See the SpamCop FAQ entry labeled "Getting a Tracking URL from a Report ID."
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