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Fake network Admin e-mail adress


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I've noticed some registered network Admin e-mail adresses, to whom spam reports get sent, turn up as 'nobody[at]example.com', which is obviously a fake address, to the human eye. :blink:

Who is responsible for public networks if "nobody" is the Admin?

Could a new feature be created to carbon copy these reports to Spamcop, so that "fake admins" are controlled, even if just for statistics purposes, like the "/dev/null'd" ones?

Thank you!


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Hi Chuck,

That would be nice but the pace of development is slow. In the meantime, could you report instances over at http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showforum=39 ? I'm sure the SC Admin & Deputies would then over-ride the undeliverable reporting addresses in those cases. I'm not sure the Regional Internet Registries can abrogate their apparent responsibilities in terms of maintaining sensible network whois information so perhaps such breaches can be raised with them by any having the inclination to do so. But deliverable reports or not (networks certainly don't have to accept them), the statistics all count towards the SCbl. That's the main thing.


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