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Problem staying in folders

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This problem has been going on for several years, but it's not something that hugely impacts my usage, so I never bothered to report it. I came here to report another issue, but it's already been resolved, so I'll post this.


I have a problem staying in folders.

Let's say I'm reading my Inbox. My inbox has, say, 100 pages, and I'm on page 100. I want to switch to another folder, like the Trash folder. I use the dropdown menu and switch.

Let's say there's 10 pages in the Trash folder, and I come in on page 1. I click the Last Page button, which should take me to page 10 of Trash. Instead it takes me to page 10 of Inbox, the last folder I was in. If I used Next Page instead, it would take me to page 2 of Inbox.

I have to wait, often for several minutes, while the site "learns" that I'm in the Trash folder in order for the page buttons to take me to the proper pages in my current folder. When I switch back to Inbox, it starts up again, with the Next Page and Last Page buttons taking me to those pages in the Trash folder.

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