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15 years on

SpamCop 98

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Congrats, from one old-timer to another. My counter is up to 96543, I figure I've reported a few hundred more than that over the years, so I'm far beyond the range that could be easily expressed in roman numerals.

After a long period with only the occasional 419 message, I find I'm being spammed by a couple of resilient gangs, one of which I thought to be an elaborate Joe-Job of some sort, but now I am wondering. I'm also getting some a**hole sending me random come-ons (both male and female) to join various dating websites. He seems to have a good network of mailers and a nice secure web operation (in Russia, natch).

So, for me, the spammers are still out there, but I don't see nearly so many as in the past. Perhaps a lot of it gets filtered away somehow before I see it.

-- rick

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