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[Resolved] sent to gmail-abuse#google.com[at]devnull

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Cached whois for : axtelipmaster[at]gmail.com is per whois.lacnic.net

owner-c: HRV

tech-c: HRV

abuse-c: HRV


nic-hdl: HRV

person: Cesar Popocatl Romero Bernal

e-mail: axtelipmaster[at]GMAIL.COM


"Domain of server" lookup should be on

C:\Documents and Settings\Admin>nslookup -type=ptr

Server: google-public-dns-a.google.com


Non-authoritative answer: name = 187-163-18-60.static.axtel.net

=axtel.net (and whois.abuse.net then replicates your results). Abuse.net lookup should never be on that tech-abuse-person contact address which happens to be a gmail e-mail account, which "logic" would produce loads and loads of wrong results. Possibly another case of administrative over-ride where the parser and routing messages are misleading? Can't believe the parser would otherwise get it so wrong. [winge]Those over-rides (if this is such) are really confusing for reporters when the appropriate messages are missing.[/winge]
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