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How to report spam containing virus?


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I am currently under attack with over 200 virus & spam a day.

This started just this week.

How do I send the offending spam to SpamCop? It blocks all email with virus.

See example below.

spam Header

This page may be saved for future reference:


This message looks like a virus, will not report.

Do not report viruses as spam!

Nothing to do.

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Unfortunately there is no way to report viruses, and if you mistakingly do so you risk being banned. The only thing to do is parse the headers manually and complain to the offending source in an e-mail, whatever good that may do...

I have been complaining to such an offender for daily doses of viruses, and the only reply I have been getting is either an undelivarable message or, more often, more viruses from the same source... Since it is hard to imagine an infected machine can be capable of such deliberate actions one can only conclude that whoever is sending the viruses is exploiting the weakness or has control over a server... Since I do not have the technical savy I have not been able to figure out which...

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Since you have not had any luck in getting the ISP to track down the user and make hir clean up, why don't you have your IT department just block that IP address? You don't get legitimate email from it, do you? Or even if you do, it wouldn't hurt for once for someone else to complain. I am sure that you could explain it to collegue.

Miss Betsy

PS I hit my first unresponsive-to-viruses ISP last week. The viruses just kept coming - usually in bunches. They have stopped now but I am not sure why.

I also had a bunch of viruses on a web email account where I could not get at the headers. There were a few undeliverable messages that I was able to get headers from, but it was amazing how many different places it came from! Obviously several people were infected by the first infected source and then my email address was on their machine carried there by forgery and so it went.

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