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Error: couldn't parse head


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I read through the SpamCop help about this error, and I know it isn't anything I did. I submitted the spam from the SpamCop webmail interface by forwarding it as an attachment, the way I do all my spam from webmail.

What is different about this spam appears to be the use of ">>" at the beginning of the lines that contain the URL. In this case,

>> http:// pffafnir[dot]dzite[dot]com/usie69x[dot]html

The email was significantly malformed in other ways, but this might be the main problem with parsing the body.

I noticed that webmail displayed the URL as a clickable link but as if it were a quote from two prior emails ago.

I just thought I'd point this out in case it is a parser problem and something the SpamCop/Cisco folks would like to address sometime.

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