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<snip previous quotes>

...Naw, I'm an economist by academic training ... we make lots of counter-factual assumptions!  :) <g>

In a "micro" sense, he's an irritant (like a small bug) ;)

In a "macro" sense, he's just part of the mass of nonsense :D

...Don't tell me you're an economist, too!!?!?! :D <big g>


If you want a "friendly" disagreement, ask two Economists the same question.


...Why two when one is sufficient?

..."On the one hand, thus and so might happen; on the other hand, such and such might happen." It was replies like this from his Chief Economic Advisor about the effects of each proposed new policy that led the President to wish for a one-armed economist! :D <big g>

"everything else being equal" :D

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