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Blocked with nslookup but not on site


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I see what you mean - not listed currently (only a couple of reports sent to abuse[at]anteacom.it going back to 17-18 August, there could have also been spam trap hits leading to listing back then). nslookup through my ISP's NS shows NXD (not listed) yet the same using google-public-dns-a.google.com and google-public-dns-b.google.com ( and return (listed). Perhaps cached DNS, they seem persistent.

SpamCop admin (Don D'Minion) may be able to answer more authoritatively - if he doesn't respond here, I suggest you write to him:


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Now I am seeing on nslookup some of the time (but not always) through my ISP's NS and most of the time (but not always) with nslookup . SC webpage BL lookup still shows unlisted and report history still shows

Cannot find spam reports for issueid=525157394
or the two earlier reports noted before, looking at "Last 90 days".

I'm sure this would have fascinated Erwin Schrödinger but is far from ideal as a DNS lookup - looks like something only SC staff can address. You mention "de-listing" your IP address. This could be a hangover from an express de-listing attempt I suppose but haven't seen such a thing as this before. Definitely contact Don, as previously suggested.

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