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[Resolved] URL not found by SpamCop

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http://mxvm2 . worldclassification . com is not resolved by SpamCop's parser. When I do an "nslookup" on that site, it comes up as, the same as the location where the spam originated, burst.net.

Tracking URL: http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z5581967454zc...317f179d403716z

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...Using the Tracking URL you provided, the parse looks correct (but maybe just to me, not you?):


Finding links in message body

Parsing text part

Reducing redundant links for mxvm2.worldclassification.com

Resolving link obfuscation


Tracking link: ht tp://mxvm2.worldclassification.com/pass.asp?expires=57331936263+418245763Coupon/notice=43150606

No recent reports, no history available

Host mxvm2.worldclassification.com (checking ip) =

Resolves to

Routing details for

Report routing for abuse[at]hostnoc.net

abuse[at]hostnoc.net redirects to abuse[at]burst.net

abuse[at]burst.net redirects to spamcop[at]burst.net


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