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spammer found way around reporting, at least for Yahoo


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Never had one of these. Got a spam overnight in my inbox at Yahoo. Sent it to Spamcop like I always do. Just got around to clicking on the link to finish and send the reports to whoever and at the bottom of the page it says, "This email contains no date" so Spamcop won't send it.

Looking at the full info and I see several dates of today's date, but it must not be the ones Spamcop wants to see.


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I think it's the split "Received:" line from rms-eu013 which may belong to gmx.com:

Received: (qmail 15039 invoked by uid 0); 15 Nov 2013 05:46:59 -0000
Received: from by rms-eu013 with HTTP

- the line with the IP address doesn't have the date, the line with the date doesn't have the IP address. I can't replicate that problem parse without including your mailhosting in my mailhosting, without mailhosting there's probably no problem. If you're up for it, try submitting it through the on-line form on your "members" page, substituting with the content of those two lines run together on the one "Received:" line

Received: from by rms-eu013 with HTTP (qmail 15039 invoked by uid 0); 15 Nov 2013 05:46:59 -0000

BUT be sure to cancel it when you've looked at it (if it is not already too old by then). If you can do that and advise the result we might learn something. But nothing to "fix" it, if gmx needs to fix their servers first. We're not allowed to edit the headers to "help" the parser in anything we report.

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