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How to get from here to a domain to an email account and beyond

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So, I am a long, long-time Spamcop user (cherrick[at]spamcop.net) and now that I am starting a new small business, I would like to use Spamcop for the business emails. How do I do that?

Basically, do I proceed in this order:

1. Purchase a domain name (ex: CottageOnFM1296.com)

2. sign up with Spamcop (pay money,etc)

3. acquire several business email addresses (ex: info[at]CottageOnFM1296.com, chuck[at]cottageOnFM1296.com, wife[at]cottageOnFM1296.com, etc)

4. set the passwords and use Webmail to begin the emails.

I'm assuming that I buy the domain name from someone other than Spamcop, such as Netsol.com, correct?

With whom do I begin to interact at Spamcop?

Note that I do not want emails with "spamcop.net" in the domain name.


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As you know, SpamCop is just a filtering service. It doesn't sell domain names or anything like that.

You can forward as many domains/email addresses as you want to your current SpamCop email address.

The problem is, all of that email will end up at your cherrick[at]spamcop.net address. All of the email will be combined into one account.

If you want each of your domains or email addresses to have its own filtering, you will need to have multiple SpamCop filtering accounts.

You can contact support[at]CESmail.net to get quotes and info on your needs.

They will want details about how you plan to organize your business accounts.

- Don D'Minion - SpamCop Admin -

- Service[at]Admin.SpamCop.net -


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