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I'd say you're off to a good start, having done a little searching - publish your e-mail address in clear, in public, so it can be found by search engines (though there are some difficulties with that strategy).

Firstly not here, thanks -

  • we don't want spambots getting into the habit of scraping these pages
  • besides, addresses here are automatically "munged" so they're not in clear when they're posted)
  • and the public posting of sacrificial addresses is all too easily abused (what assurances the poster actually owns the address being offered?).

Next, many forum/bulletin board administrators would not allow the posting of an address in clear (unless it was the validated address with which you registered) for fear of being duped into participation in such abuse mentioned above. Many forum/bulletin boards would consider off-topic posting in their venues for the sole purpose of floating an address to be harvested to be, itself, spamming (others might not care, it is true). In addition ... it can take years of exposure for the volumes of spam to a particular address to pick up to anything you might consider worthwhile.

No doubt there are specific websites to visit, mailing lists to join or e-mail addresses to contact from your address to be spammed that could provide a rapid entry into the spammers' address lists. Other members might be able to suggest some - I think any such advice might be best passed on by way of Personal Message.

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Topic moved to the "Lounge" since it is not associated with the SC e-mail system - though another tactic might be to open mail accounts with other providers and relay (IMAP or POP) them them to the address which is gathering spam. But note that not all service providers will forward what they identify as spam - not even to a SC mail address, a source of constantly growing frustration to many SC reporters.

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