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Report routing for gigaipnet.com[at]devnull.spamcop.net


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Tracking URL: http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z5637057694ze...4120aced13156az

Since reports to GigaIPNet are disabled, I traced from two different locations (Canada and Hong Kong) to get diverse routes. The last hop on both was, which is "reliablehostingservices.net."

When I query abuse.net for reliablehostingservices.net, I get greg[at]rhservices.us, but when I plug that IP for the last hop into SpamCop I get postmaster[at]crcable.com. So, I am reporting this UCE to both of those asking them to tell GigaIPNet to clean up their act.

I leave it up to someone with more knowledge than I to decide whether to report to both addresses or just one.

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