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[Resolved] re-activate my account

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My account was paid through December 31, 2013. I sent a check #300738703 payable to Corporate Email Services dated 11/16/2013 by postal mail to the address listed in your instructions to renew the account. Sunday, December 15 my account was de-activated even though it was paid through the end of December. I can no longer log into my account. I do not receive email that I send to this account.

What do I need to re-activate the account? Can anyone please confirm whether the check has been received? I would like to re-activate the account at least so I can print the form to re-send payment and renew the account?

Please what is the status of the account?

Please reference the following cases.

Case 54475

Case 54395

Case 54488

Thanks for your help.

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Hi, rpvoland,

...Sorry to hear of your problem. If those "Case" numbers are CES case numbers and if no one else comes by with better advice, I would recommend that you try contacting CES via e-mail directly at support[at]cesmail.net.

...Good luck!

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...The acting Forum admin, Farelf, will do this by request. The OP may, if desired, send a PM to Farelf requesting that her/ his Forum account name be changed; suggesting some alternatives to Farelf may expedite this action. On the other hand, if the OP wishes to attract spam, her/ his Forum account name is a good way to do that! :) <g>

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Standing ready for request but member has not returned to review the topic. Also I know Wazoo tried to contact all who had their usernames set to their (forum) registered e-mail address "back when" and noted very few ever responded. The O/P would certainly have been one of those but has apparently elected to live with the consequences of nearly ten years of having a publicly-exposed address (from the time of his first post back in 2004).

But, for any others reading this, David is correct, it is not something generally recommended and most now who do it have done so inadvertently and jump at the opportunity to change their user name - which is very quick and easy for me to do for them. One little trap is confusion with the SC reporting account identity which is tied to the initial registration address. The forum account is totally unconnected to that other account but it is easy to see where the confusion might creep in.

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