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FAQ Entry: How can I unsend a report?

Jeff G.

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SpamCop reports are sent via SMTP email, and SMTP has no feature to "unsend" email messages.

You should manually send a retraction and apology to those to whom you reported the spam, with a copy mentioning the Report ID to deputies <at> spamcop.net. Any originating ISPs will be able to use your recantation as evidence with SpamCop if your report landed them onto the SpamCop Blocking List.

To find those to whom you sent the erroneous report, use the Links "Past Reports" and "View recent reports", leading to the "Show past reports" / "Report History" Page http://www.spamcop.net/mcgi?action=showhistory, http://members.spamcop.net/mcgi?action=showhistory, or http://mailsc.spamcop.net/mcgi?action=showhistory.

Edit: Updated the last paragraph.

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