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abuse[at]nforce.com bounces (6 sent : 6 bounces)

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Tracking URL: http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z5651936072z3...2caba65960c1bfz (probably not much help as this is a spamvertised URL that SpamCop can't resolve)

Spamvertised URL: http://dimly. yfhsrnhz. in/ (URL broken) which resolves to IP That IP belongs to NForce, and spam complaints bounce to postmaster and abuse.

Can we also try "administration[at]nforce.com" or "noc[at]nforce.com"? Also, p.taks[at]nforce.com and j.huybrechts[at]nforce.com are admin contacts.

Alternatively, we can notify Cogentco and NTT as they are upstream from NFORCE.

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