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loop back email disapears.


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Hello Guys I set up email forwarding on both ends to test the spam filter and my emails disapear.

I sent an email to joe[at]mydomain which is forward to myemail[at]spamcop.net which forwards it back to joe2[at]mydomain

My server log show that the email was sent

Feb 12 14:38:38 myserver sendmail[31267]: s1CJbpwX031266: to=myemailatspamcop[at]spamcop.net , ctladdr=<nobody[at]myserver> (99/99), delay=00:00:47, xdelay=00:00:47, mailer=esmt p, pri=32053, relay=mx2.spamcop.net. [], dsn=2.0.0, stat=Sent (ok 13 92233917 qp 5349)

I replaced myserver with the real server names but the log looks like above. Any ideas?

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You might need to contact Email Support, but as seen in another topic here, they could be weather-affected at the moment.

As for your basic goal, in my experience, the filtering on a spamcop.net email account isn't really all that wonderful. For example, I have had all mail from my own me[at]somedomain[dot]com account forwarded to a me[at]spamcop[dot]net address for years and the best filtering actually happens on the first receiving server (somedomain[dot]com), in that I have full SpamAssassin capabilities there through cPanel (you only have limited SA config options in your spamcop.net email acct settings). It used to be useful that my spamcop.net account would filter email from SCBL-listed sources into my Held mail folder, but that stopped working a little while ago--I don't trust the SCBL anyway.

Couldn't you accomplish the same thing with a Gmail account?


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