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[Resolved] Problem logging in to spamcop reporting with Firefox

Black Tiger

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I hope I'm in the correct section to ask this, please move it to a better section if it isn't correct here.

I'm trying to login to www.spamcop.net to report spam.

But when I do that at the login page tab, the page just reloads after clicking login.

When I try to login on the right upper site I get this error message:

Unfortunately, we are not able to proceed your request. Please try again later

First I thought it was maintenance, but I'm seeing this fairly often lately.

I just tried with internet explorer and did not have this problem.

The only addons in Firefox I have is addblock plus (which is disabled for spamcop.net) and html validator which also is disabled.

Are more people experiencing this problem with Firefox? Or does anybody know how to resolve this issue?

Ps. The error notice is already presented to me when I open www.spamcop.net. I'm not using any browser cache and I already tried ctrl-f5.

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