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suggestion: add shortcut keys to reporting form

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I've been using spamcop to report and filter my e-mail for years now. I'm coming back from a break off e-mail reporting, mainly because it is a pretty painful task for me (literally -- I have RSI).

Some browsers (ie, Firefox on Mac OSX) do not allow tabbing to form submit buttons. This means that each time I want to submit a spam report I need to use the trackpad and button. Adding an accesskey to the submit button would greatly enhance the accessibility of the form, and allow people who cannot use a mouse to report spam too(!).

It can be as simple as adding an accesskey="R" (e.g.) attribute to the for input button, like this:

<input type="submit" accesskey="R" value="Send spam Report(s) Now">

More details on accesskeys to get started: http://www.alistapart.com/articles/accesskeys

Another accessibility suggestion would be the following: as I submit my spam by e-mail, when I go to reporting I have to follow the "Report Now" link all the time. That isn't too bad as my browser allows me to use the keyboard to follow links. However, it would be nice if after sending the reporting form, the interface spontaneously presented me the next report form, if I am in a "unreported spam" context.

Thanks for letting me know if this is not the appropriate place to post this kind of feedback, and if so, where I should send it!




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This is the right place to make suggestions.

Sometimes suggestions get acted on; sometimes they don't. At the moment Julian has his hands full with implementing the mailhosts so if nothing happens, try making the suggestion again in a month or so.

Miss Betsy

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