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Received "JunkMail rejected" bounce to one of my emails


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I'm usually the submitter to SC... but apparently, at least one server has decided I'm a spammer (I was sending a NY Times story link about a Wright Brothers book to my brother-in-law... maybe he doesn't like me any more... or hates aviation history :ph34r: ).

I'm always hesitant to post up full headers for analysis since I'm not completely sure of what I'm exposing about myself. But here's a snippet that refers to the SCBL. Does this mean I'm on the SCBL? If so, any idea why (I'm just an average Joe sending normal emails, and doing my part to REPORT spam _to_ SC)?

SMTP error from remote mail server after RCPT TO:<my[at]brother-in-law>:

host mail.my.brother-in-law [50.xxx.xxx.xxx]: 550-"JunkMail rejected - viper.tchmachines.com [208.xxx.xxx.xxx]:33597 is in an

550 RBL, see Blocked - see http://www.spamcop.net/bl.shtml?208.xxx.xxx.xxx"

I think I'm the 208 address... I did a lookup and that is the company that hosts my domain (again, just a guy... I've got a piddly un-updated website with a half dozen pages of static content; the bulk of my domain use is just my personal email address).

I'll be glad to provide more info from the bounce if any of you experts are interested. Just let me know what I ought not to post in the public forum.

Thanks in advance.

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