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Help with de-listing


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OK, I got this email - the one that was supposed to come from here - but I don't think it did. Any user that sent something like that will get thrown off immediately. We ARE spamcop subscribers.... and fight spam at every turn.

I believe I reported this very spam. I don't report them all. It was probably reported by one of our people. All I get is this -

Received: from -.-.com (

  by -.-.com with SMTP id - Wed, - May 2004 - -

Subject: economy is finally getting -

From: og.. at ..e.com

and so there is no way to track this down.... or fix it.

Lenny Eiger

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One of the admins or Deputies would need to look at the spam to see if you reported it but you need to be careful not to report yourself or your provider. If you're using the 'quick reporting' feature you should quit using it until you're sure the parser won't stumble over the headers your mail server is adding.

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I work with Lenny above. We believe what has happened is one of our hosted clients had an auto spam reporter. So yes, that is what got us. Is there and admin or Deputy that could look at the e-mail and help us out of this pickle.


DataBright Mgmt Systems


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