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Can you set the time limits on held mail?

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My "HELD MAIL" count is in the thousands of messages which

causes the listing to crawl at a smails pace when I'm looking through it.

Is there a way to specify how many days suspected spam is kept?

I'd like to dump it after 3 days or so to keep things lean & mean.


Mike V

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There is no way to adjust the Held Mail folder. I think it is set at 14 or 21 days if I remember correctly.

You might be able to create a filter to run when you log into the webmail app. I have not tried.


Just checked and did not see an easy way to program discarding everything older than 3 days and be warned, any filter will act on only the Inbox or on all mailboxes (as far as I have found), not just a certain mailbox.

Perhaps you could use a filter in something like Outlook Express and an IMAP connection.

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