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Apple has an issue with a spamcop address


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Yes, yes, I know, but today I tried to buy an Apple computer, with my "primary email address" ending in spamcop.net.

It was definitely one of the more degrading experiences I've ever stood still for.

I used to work for a once rich American computer company, and on every other cube wall there was a picture of a baby with it's third finger stuck up with some hilarious wit like "swivel on that, sheep" underneath. They got bought by a dozen other companies, and nowadays nobody remembers who they were. Swivel on that, Apple.

What was degrading? Listening to a corporate cockroach droid flannelling on (I am allowed to rant here in the lounge, right?) about the dangers of important emails being caught in spam-folders, and blah blah blah yap yap yap. Scripted talkover with no opportunity to speak.

i've used this f'ing email address for over a decade for all kinds of tricky things, not just buying overpriced computers. My bank doesn't mind my email address, nor amazon, (total saints obviously) nor the companies that sell me over-priced energy, and last but not least the couple of dozen flesh and blood human beings I exchange thoughts with.

Ugh. Gak. Spew. Anyone know anything about these Intel NUC things? Emacs? Latex? Something for wifi?

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I am allowed to rant here in the lounge, right?


...Some members, including some of us long-timers, think that's the principal purpose of the "Lounge." :) <g>

...You get my vote for post of the week ... maybe the month. But, then, the week is less than half over. :) <g>

Anyone know anything about these Intel NUC things?


...Hm -- I had to look that up with GoodSearch and (not surprisingly) found a hit on Wikipedia.
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