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Email from "Spamcop" about "changes"

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This morning I received an e-mail which appears to be from SpamCop/CESMail indicating that the webmail/e-mail service is being retired.

However, there aren't any notices at all on the website indicating this, and I don't see any other posts/announcements about it on the forums here either, so I'm suspecting it's a fake/hoax.

the text is as follows:

First of all, thank you for using SpamCop Email! We want to announce some important changes that will affect how you use your SpamCop Email account.

For over 12 years, Corporate Email Services has been partnering with SpamCop to provide webmail service with spam filtering via the SpamCop Email System for our users. Back then, spam filtering was rare. We heard story after story about how our service rescued people from unfiltered email. Nowadays, webmail service with spam filtering has become the norm in the general public. As such, the need for the webmail service with SpamCop filtered email has decreased.

Due to these reasons, we have decided to retire the SpamCop Email System and its webmail service; while SpamCop will continue to focus on providing the World's best spam reporting platform and blacklist for the community.

As of September 30, 2014 (Tuesday) 6pm ET, the current SpamCop Email service will be converted to email forwarding-only with spam filtered by SpamCop for all existing SpamCop Email users. Namely, all email received at a spamcop.net, cesmail.net, or cqmail.net address will be forwarded to your specified email address after spam filtering by SpamCop. You will be able to continue to use your email addresses like before, but you will need to read the email on your designated email account, instead of the SpamCop Email System webmail interface (https://webmail.spamcop.net). If you are already forwarding your email elsewhere, it will continue to work just like before. If your email program is set to download your email from the SpamCop system, after you start forwarding your email elsewhere, you will need to update your email program to download from there. SpamCop will no longer provide IMAP or POP service.

Please be informed that you will continue to be able to submit spam to SpamCop via the "Report spam" feature on spamcop.net, or forward your spam using your dedicated spam submission address shown on your SpamCop reporting account. Indeed, you are highly encouraged to do so as your spam report will not only help improve spam filtering for your email; it also helps SpamCop to fight spam for the World!

In the meantime, it is important for you to set up a forwarding address on your SpamCop Email account by September 30, 2014 (Tuesday) 6pm ET. Otherwise, any email sent to your spamcop.net, cesmail.net, or cqmail.net address will be dropped and not be delivered. To register a forwarding address, please login via https://webmail.spamcop.net; click "Options" > "SpamCop Tools".

If you have any further questions or concerns, please send them to questions[at]spamcop.net

While the mail itself is certainly much better-formed than the usual blatantly-obvious phishing/scam/hoax nonsense which I occasionally get in my e-mail, something just doesn't really quite feel right (mainly the fact that this is completely out-of-the-Blue, with no other notices/announcements anywhere, and the fact that it just turned up on a weekend....).

I'm extremely apprehensive about in sending any "questions" to the e-mail address supplied in the e-mail, because I suspect it's just another phishing attempt or attempt to compromise SpamCop and/or its users. (although I do indeed have several burning questions if this isn't a fake!).

Has anybody else received one of these e-mails? If its a fake, then I expect CESMail want to look into this.

And on the off-chance that this isn't a fake, does anyone know what happens to those of us who are paid up beyond September 30th? (I renewed my webmail account sometime in mid-June)



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There have already been two topics opened on this issue in the last 24 hours, and they've been merged into the "SpamCop Email System Changes" pinned at the top of "Important Topics" above. Here's the link:


Therefore, please don't reply to this topic--it confuses things to have multiple threads on the same issue.


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