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Spamcop Alternatives?

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Actually (after removing the delete cell) merging cells seems to consolidate the lines into a form with no trialing spaces, but I cannot get anything to insert a comma after each one for some unknown reason.

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After much experimentation I managed to get a comma at the end of each address and save to desktop as a .csv file, however I find Fastmail doesn't like that format and imports them as 2 different entries per address. So I'm giving up guys as I really have no more time to spend on this.

Thanks for all the suggestions.

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Just a thank you for the comments in this thread.

I chose Fastmail.fm and things only took an hour or two except the migrate from the old system's folders which turned out to contain 2.5 GB and took hours.

I now need to see what I don't need before I have to pay for that 2.5 GB plus work out replacements for the things Fastmail can't quite do.

Anyone got a useful set of regular expressions ?

Like "sender's email ends .[a-z][a-z] but not .uk"?

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Ah, SpamCop, we hardly knew ye!

Actually I've been a very satisfied user of SpamCop for a very long time. I seem to remember that I was using them in the 90's? I do know for sure that I've been using them forever and a day and my use for them was to keep the unGodly from spamming me to death.

I guess that even SpamCop Paradise may not last for ever.

I just want a mail setup that will be there, is easily controlled (by me) and modifiable and that has top notch filtering abilities. Also one that isn't getting too baroque with what's getting shifted where, when, why and to who.

My solution is this -

Slowly migrate everything away from my existing array of email addresses.

Use my own domain and already existing address for all of my correspondence.

Have my domain provider forward everything to my ISP's POP/SMTP setup.

Train the heck out of Mailwasher Pro.

- not as nice as having SpamCop being there but I'll at least be taking back a lot of control of my email fate at last.

And simplifying things.

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