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[Resolved] Forun notification messages not working?


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Suddenly, today, I'm not receiving notification e-mails (to my registered e-mail address) of PMs received. Just me/my ESP or is this happening to others too? I'm thinking topic subscription alerts could be affected too, if general, forum membership validation e-mails, etc.

Me too/it's just you comments appreciated.

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Ah, answering myself - it's just "me" - notification from a test account to another (Yahoo) registered address works fine.

Problem (suddenly, for my other provider) might be lack of SPF in the SC outgoing server. Or lack of Fwd/Rev DNS match. Filtering is supposed to be turned off at the account level for that problem account (uses IronPort filtering), so presence of links and any other "spam-like" features should not be a problem. SenderBase has no reputation recorded for outgoing server (and no Email Volume) and nothing in major (or even minor) RBLs (0/223 on multirbl.valli.org/dnsbl-lookup) but, as said, filtering should not be a problem anyway.

Not, on the face of it, a SC problem - same servername, same IP address had been working fine before (fixing DNS/SPF would be nice, I suppose).

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