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Reporting Page Still Has Email News Link


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Despite repeated emails to the deputies that Email News link remains on the reporting page.

Things move very slowly nowadays it would seem.

BTW something about this site prevents my FF browser from spellchecking my entries, anyone know why?

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We are unwanted and unloved....sad. I see I only have 3.0 Mbytes left on the reporting page, pity they couldn't have given us a boost on that considering the 9 months of email subscription I lost.

All around a rather bitter experience.

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Welcome Mike - it's taken a long time for your first post, I acknowledge the concern reflected by that.

Further nag sent ... also about the broken link in the forum home page - that is "What is SpamCop.net?" which was, essentially, the content recaptured now in http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/topic/14783-what-is-spamcop/ The earlier "goes nowhere" link on the homepage "Where to get Help" was to dbiel's entry in the SCWiki which was an expanded version of the same material. Some of the additional Wiki material was the links the SC Facebook and Twitter pages which have not been updated in ages (so have been left out of the new link). Also included were more straight-forward links to the e-mail addresses of SC Deputies and SC Admin. We have always been a little coy about shouting those, possibly imagining attacks that might result, mostly to encourage initial contact (and sometimes resolution) through the forum without overloading the staff. But those addresses have been promulgated many times in many topics over time so, subject to Richard's and Don's approval, I propose to add them to the "new" topic above.


[update] approval given, additions to "What is ..." topic incorporated, that topic now includes relevant detail from the "Where to get help" SCWiki article.

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