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[Resolved] mailhost configuration issue (Centurylink)

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I was trying to reset my mailhosts for my centurylink account and spamcop keeps reporting errors with mailhost test emails.

I do use Outlook which I know has "issues" but I've used it for years and do know how to get the correct information out of outlook to report spam so I "assume" it's the same process to report back the test email.

Just to be sure I copied a second test email out of mailwasher, which I also use, with the same result.

This is the error message:

Host mail950c35.carrierzone.com (checking ip) =
Sorry, SpamCop has encountered errors:

The email sample you submitted for [username][at]centurytel.net
appears to traverse more than one domain.
Please ensure that you configure each mailhost individually and in order.

Proceed here: (URL got removed) <= this link loads a blank page which isn't much help

How to I get this mail host configured?

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