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Spamcop Automatically Deleting Emails?

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Hi there...

I've been happily using SpamCop for nearly two years (so, no, I'm not a newbie) and have never really had any problems until a week ago.

The server I use (this is for my small business) sends out mail every night to each of my clients. The mailing is a daily status update, and my customers are paying for it (i.e., it's clearly not spam). I also get copies of the mailings so that I can check to make sure they're displaying properly.

A week ago, those emails stopped coming to me - and the problem (as far as I can tell) appears to be SpamCop. All of my customers still appear to be receiving the email. My other employees still get their copies of the email. It's only me - the only one who uses SpamCop - that isn't receiving a copy of the email. I've gone through our log files and seen that the mail to my address definitely went out, and was received by my "public" email address, which immediately forwards it on to SpamCop. I can see all of this in the log files.

All of that makes sense. Now, here's where it gets troublesome:

(1) The emails never come out the other end, forwarded to my "secret" email address


(2) The emails are not in the held mail folder. I go through my held mail folder very carefully, and I can assure you that the emails are not there.

In other words, they go into SpamCop, and they seem to disappear completely.

As far as I know, these are the only emails that are disappearing, but I have no idea. It's entirely possible that others are disappearing as well - which is VERY troublesome.

These emails always came through just fine until last week when they suddenly stopped. I even went in to SpamCop and specifically added the address they come from to the whitelist and it didn't help. The emails are just *gone*.

I know SpamCop isn't supposed to just delete messages - and I've never had a problem before, but these emails are very important and I really need to see them. Plus, I'm worried about the possibility that SpamCop is somehow deleting other messages without me knowing it.

Any help would be *greatly* appreciated.

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Yes, SpamCop doesn't "just delete" incoming e-mail. However, any "discussion" is goin gto have to start with something of substance. As long as "you're not new" then you shouldn't take much umbrage at hearing the age-old request .. what's the IP address in question? In this specific case, perhaps the Domain name may play into it, but doubtful.

Some data offered in here might allow a number of folks to take a stab at looking something up, but your generic description with no details makes that more than just a bit difficult.

I'm also curious as to the rest of this story, as I can't help but feel that I've read this exact write-up a number of months ago over in the newsgroups.

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Why should the IP address matter? If the messages were being held, the IP address might matter, but they're not showing up at all.

Either way, the IP address in question is Even if they were blocked, then at least I could just whitelist them and they'd go through. The problem is that they're completely disappearing.

I'm willing to provide details, but I honestly didn't think my initial description was that "generic". I explained all of the relevant points. I've traced the emails *into* spamcop - but they completely disappear once they're in there.

If you let me know what details might help then I'll provide them.

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If you let me know what details might help then I'll provide them

I'm looking for enough data for JT to be able to look something up in his server logs to see if there's any sign of your incoming e-mail. This is where my "generic" comes from, you offered nothing that could be used in a search.

Query bl.spamcop.net - is earth.serverbox.net not listed in bl.spamcop.net

SpamCop has no record of this system

OK, so that rules out 90%+ of any handling issues, so we're left talking about server logs. What are the odds that you can get some feedback from your ISP on their copy of traffic from their e-mail server to/from SpamCop's server? I'll fire off a note to JT to see if he can look at his end, but a bit more info would make it easier to look for. I'm going with your opening description of "it's a daily" thing, so perhaps a simple grep will get some answers at this end??

the mail to my address definitely went out, and was received by my "public" email address, which immediately forwards it on to SpamCop

You say "all this can be seen in your logs" .... do "your logs" include the Forward action / handshaking? If so, what error / status codes are showing?

How sure are you that there's not a filter involved anywhere, or that the Forward directive got changed to something else?

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Thanks for the response. Here's some more info that will hopefully help.

This is from the other night, showing the forwarding to my spamcop address. I've removed the actual address and replaced it with XXXX - but it shouldn't be hard to figure it out (hint: my username here might help).

2004-05-10 00:05:04 starting delivery 910524: msg 1185372 to remote


2004-05-10 00:05:06 delivery 910524: success:


2004-05-10 00:05:10 starting delivery 910546: msg 1187149 to remote XXXX[at]spamcop.net

2004-05-10 00:05:14 delivery 910546: success:


2004-05-10 00:05:26 starting delivery 910613: msg 1180458 to remote


2004-05-10 00:05:26 starting delivery 910614: msg 1186779 to remote


2004-05-10 00:05:27 delivery 910613: success:


So, it looks like the messages were forwarded to SpamCop successfully.

I don't use any filters in SpamCop, and all my other mail seems to get through just fine... So, it doesn't appear to be a filtering or forwarding problem.

Does this help?

Thanks again for the help so far...

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One thing that just came to mind...Have these messages ever touched the spamcop servers?

I had an incident a while back where I was trying to move a group of messages around various webmail accounts due to my machine being repaired and a webmail upgrade happening at my ISP. All of the messages I forwarded from the ISP webmail back to the spamcop webmail system disappeared because they had originally come through the spamcop system, and spamcop noticed the spamcop headers and assumed that it was in a loop and discarded them.

Reading your original problem, I don't think so, but that is the only case where I know messages can be deleted without andy notice.

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Interesting. I don't think that's the case, though. These messages are all going through SpamCop only once and come directly from my server, so I don't see how that would happen in this case.

Still, it's good to know that this happens.

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