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[Resolved] Submitting many spams via email going to black hole


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I've been reporting spam for quite awhile by sending the spam as attachments all on one message to my SpamCop reporting address.

It has worked fine up until about a week ago, when the submitting of many (20 or so) messages via email seems to have broken. I can successfully submit a fewer amount of attached messages (I've tried one or two).

When I submit many attached spams, it seems to go to the bitbucket: I get nothing back, no error email, no bounce, nothing. Nothing shows up as reportable in my member account.

There is nothing coming back to my "spam" folder; it doesn't seem to be filtered. We use Office 365 and I did a Message Trace to be sure that it wasn't being filtered out at the server level for some reason, and confirmed that nothing was filtered out. I saw the notifications coming in from SpamCopy about the submissions that had just one or two attachments, but nothing about the submissions with 20 or so.

Again, this exact scenario was working fine up until a week or so ago, and nothing has changed on my end that I can see.

Any suggestions for how to troubleshoot and resolve this? Please don't suggest that I start submitting spam in ones and twos....it's bad enough that the processing step is so inefficient (per my Feature Request about the bugged and inefficient SpamCop submission loop), but this will make it even more time-consuming and inefficient.



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John, don't have an answer for you. I am waiting for to receive some more spam to test and see if I can duplicate you problem. just ran a "submit" test with 4 spam (all I had at the time). Will report again when I get a "full load."

I seem to remember (no reference) that there is a size limit to the submit emails, 5Mb as I remember. I don't remember how SP handled larger emails. On occasions I have had an issue with this when I receive a large number of spam with a high graphics load. That is why I too kind of picked 20 spam a time for reporting. I normally do quick reporting and have not had the issue you report. But quick reporting is not submit, is it? I am thinking you issue is local/ISP I have not seen others with similar problems, but we will see.

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From: SpamCop AutoResponder


Subject: [spamCop] has accepted 21 emails for processing

Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2015 19:53:06 GMT

As I said, you may have a local/ISP issue. Verison has been reported as doing odd things in the past. As you can see above I did not have an problem with a "submit" of 21 attached spam.


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Ah, I am an idiot. Thanks for all the quick help, it put me on the right track to figure this out.

It was indeed on my end: Office 365 is by default set to dump any outgoing message containing malware into the bitbucket, with no notification to the sender (!). Since the same malware filter operates on the way in as on the way out, you'd expect that it wouldn't catch much (unless you have an infected machine, which is not the case here), but one of the spam messages I was reporting did indeed come in with malware that O365 didn't detect....but when I tried to send it to SpamCop it did detect it.

I set the Malware filter to tell the sender (duh) and now if that happens again I'll be notified.

Sorry for the noise and thank you to all for putting me on the right track to figure this out!


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