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[Resolved] abuse[at]enom.com instead of/or in addition to abuse[at]namecheaphosting.com?

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Most of my spam is hosted by namecheaphosting.com. Spamcop reports for abuse go to abuse[at]namecheaphosting.com whereas WHOIS states they should go to abuse[at]enom.com. Anyway to have Spamcop report to abuse[at]enom.com instead of/or in addition to abuse[at]namecheaphosting.com?

FYI, Namecheap has done nothing to my complaints...


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- Don D'Minion - SpamCop Admin -

- Spamcop[at]spro.net -


Hmm, now it says reporting to enom is disabled:


"Routing details for

[refresh/show] Cached whois for : abuse[at]namecheaphosting.com

Reports disabled for abuse[at]enom.com"

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Reporting to enom.com most likely has been disabled because they 1) have in the passed bounced reports from SC or 2) they have requested that SC NOT send spam reports. This is common action by orginizations similar to enom. It has been my experence that enom has registered, and/or host many domain names that have a reputation for spamming. This is of course my opinion, but you can find collaboration at places like Knujon.com

SpamCop not wanting to contribute to the flood of unwanted spam clogging the internet, respects the request (2) of others not to receive spam reports or (1) saves their own resources by not sending reports that have been bounced in the passed.

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Hello SpamCopAdmin,

My recent correspondence with Namecheap (yes they've replied twice to me but it took several weeks between emails...) stated that spam reports need to go to:



abuse[at]namecheaphosting.com - this is currently where SpamCop Reports are going to when resolving websites hosted by Namecheap...

Can you assist?


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This is from Namecheap:

From: abuse[at]namecheap.com

> > Hello,

> >

> > Thank you for coming back to us.

> >

> > Please accept our sincere apologies for the delay in reply.

> >

> > Kindly be informed that you can send the spam reports directly to abuse[at]namecheap.com, we will process them and inform you accordingly.

> >

> > Feel free to contact us again if you have any questions regarding the matter.

So, as you can see, the reports need to go to: abuse[at]namecheap.com

How can this be changed for Spamcop reports?

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