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Registrar notification


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I was thinking a little more about dealing with repeat spammers.

Who suppports them? What in their chain of services that they require to send spam can be cut to disable them?

If an ISP shuts them down, then they get another ISP or use spambots on other people's computers.

If a spammer is a repeated spammer, some of the reporting services like spamcop should report the URLs within the spam to their registrar. The registrar should revoke the domain(s) and point their domain to a page explaining why this page is unavailable.

If the registrar does not revoke their domain, the registrar should have their operation suspended by the master registrar.

If a registrar has a habit of being a registrar for spammers, they will be shut down.

This seems able to shut down spammers and if this process is fit into the business model of a registrar, may be able to make it more difficult for these assholes to do business.

- Alex Zavatone

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This type of action is not necessarily in the province of a registrar. Some may take on this extra bit of control and effort, but it's not a given thing. It's the false data for the WHOIS and actual registration that can more easily be used as tool to effect the domain registration.

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The registrars are required to suspend domains that do not have valid contact information in them.

Many spammers use false information for their domain registries, and a few spam fighters take the time to get those domains revoked.


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