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Should we wait some time before requesting delisting?


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Should we wait some time before requesting delisting? Just in case the bulk email that did go out has not fully been read by everyone yet?

Because if we delist now, what if someone in the next few days, even weeks, reports the email we sent in the past 24 hours as spam? Will be listed again? Or does spamcop know its the same email and so does not treat it as a relist?

A customer of ours purchased a list from a UK company (looks reputable). They claim its all opted in emails. But someone complained, and a spamtrap email was on there.

We have deleted this list, he will not send to this list again, we have educated him further on spam laws... so I want to delist the IP, BUT am concerned the same email campaign will have a complaint and go back on.


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Yes a spam trap is a dead give away. Some lessons are harder to learn than other.

Depending on the number of SpamCop reports that were received in addition to the spam trap, SpamCop will automatically remove the IP from its list after a reasonable time. If in a couple of days/next week one or two new spam reports are received for the same IP that will not be enough traffic to cause re-listing. Of course if another spam trap is hit re-listing will happen and for a longer time.

One SC user to another, it sounds like you have done all you can to educate your client. Good luck.

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