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Most of the time when I report spam, I seldom get more from that same domain. One huge exception is ezzi.net. I seem to get spam from them 2 or 3 times a week, and even though I've blocked the domain, the spammer uses an email address that doesn't get snagged.

Is action being taken against them to stop users from using their domain for sending out spam?

Interested in any comments.


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Hi Mike,

Sorry I don't have enough information to answer you question. If you would provide a tracking URL for one of the spam you have reported it would help.

The problem is that SpamCop keeps track of IP addresses, not domain names. With an IP I, or you, can go to Spamcop.net the Statistics tab and look up the IP and see what its reputation is and if they currently are being blocked.

As I am sure you are aware from reading parts of the reporting help, the only two type of actions SC takes are to 1) add an IP address to their blocking list if enough reports are receive (note the IP address is added, not the domain) and 2) when a good abuse{at} email address is know, a spam report may be sent to alert admin that spam is coming from an IP address they control. Sometimes, SC also sends spam reports to the admin of links found in the spam but that is a secondary effort.

As you can see these actions are different than your question; "Is action being taken against them to stop users from using their domain for sending out spam?"

Obviously, SC has no control over who or how clients of ezzi.net use the IP addresses (or domains).

With a tracking URL we or others can look into this more and help you find similar information in the future.

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Hi Mike. After tons of spam from them, I´ve managed to identify that most of the spam coming from ezzi were originated by "IRB, Inc" servers (Internet Relay Billing Corp., from Henderson, Nevada, US). You can check it out next time you get a spam from them by doing a reverse IP search at www.who.is or similar.

IRB has a lot of IP ranges and the only trick that did it for me was blocking every IP range that corresponds with their spam. If you block IRB's IP ranges then you will see how spam from ezzi decrease dramatically. Don´t bother to block domains. It´s helpless. Go for their IPs.

Good luck!


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