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Bellsouth.net email setup

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Here is how you setup SpamCop Email with bellsouth.net, a dialup and DSL provider in the southeast US.

Bellsouth.net will not forward email from a Bellsouth account, so you have to use the POP method in SpamCop Email.

Login to webmail at http://webmail.spamcop.net

Click Options

Click SpamCop Tools

Click Configure external POP servers

In there is a list of POP servers from which SpamCop will retrieve email for you. Enter these settings:

POP server: mail.bellsouth.net

Username: the left-hand side of your bellsouth.net address, i.e. everything before the [at]

Password: your bellsouth.net password

After you submit this information, SpamCop should start POPping your bellsouth.net account within 20 minutes and pulling all email into SpamCop. Now you just need to configure your email program to POP (retrieve) from SpamCop instead of Bellsouth and you're done.


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