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"Cannot contact server" For POP servers

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Hard to say what you've done. Just "signing up for SpamCop" wouldn't hose your accounts with Mediacom or Apple, so yes, one would think that not only did you "miss" something, you also "did" something. For anyone here to take a stab at trying to guess at just what you "did" do, parhaps you might make mention of what you thought you at least tried to do.

For instance, you define two ISP e-mail servers, but you casually leave out what applications are in use. Due to the mac.com server mentioned, one could make the assumption that you're using some sort of Macintosh computer, but ... why should "we" have to guess? If you are using a Mac, what OS? What application? From the gist of what you did say, one could make the assumption that your e-mail worked befoere you "signed up" .. but again, that's an assumption which leads to a lot of spinning wheels and wasted time if the assumptions are wrong.

Have you looked through the Pinned FAQs yet? Did you possibly read the existing Topic by a user with problems setting up an account using Entourage?

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Sorry that I was not clear in my description:

I am using the options in webmail in SpamCop. Under Spamcop tools and then "Configure external POP servers." I have added both POP servers that I would like checked for a total of seven accounts. Each and every one of the accounts has multiple errors (error count is currently 56) and the last error is "Cannot contact server".

I can check my external mail fine and have no problems using my email program. I am just having problems setting up my SpamCop account to check my POP servers.



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Well, I can tell you that my details don't match what you said you tried to use for Mediacom ... my settings for both POP3 and SMTP read "mail.mchsi.com" ... but for sure, trying to do a POP3 connection to an SMTP server will definitely not work.

I've not tried setting up a .mac account ... basically confused over the "free" description in one place and the "$100 a year" in another place ... maybe the number is worng, it's been a while, but ... I can't answer the specifics on what .mac is looking for ... but as you say it's working from your system, what's different between the settings on your computer vice what you're filling in the SpamCop 'forms' with? Something obviously doesn't match, but it should be exactly the same.

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I also made the mistake of saying that I was using smtp.mchsi.com when I meant to say that I am using mail.mchsi.com which is still giving me errors (mac.com has been reconfigured and is working fine now..

Sorry about the mistake

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