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Exception Occurred

Radical Hippie

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You seem to be talking about an application installed on your local machine. Spamcop.NET has no such software.

Spamcop.NET has no button 'send spam by email'

You may be talking about software you received from spamcop.COM which is not related the spamcop.NET

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not sure that I have ever been to spamcom.COM, at least I don't remember

I've been using SpamSource with Outlook for a couple of years with success which was recommended by Jeff G. & written by SpamSource for Outlook 2000/XP by Chris Price.

see : http://www.spamcop.net/fom-serve/cache/122.html

now why am I getting the Exception error?

Then you should go to the Spamsource support site at http://www.daesoft.com/support/spamsource_index.html

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