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Spamcop member weduskabe hits spamcop forum 53 times!


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I believe weduskabe is just a repeat person that keeps signing up for a new account. I am sure they are signed up with a different account that is being used to check when the emails come out and/or stop. These hits, seem to hit hard and then stop after a while, almost like throw away accounts.

What gets me is I wonder if the moderators have thought about a reporting system and a IP blocklist. I mean other than the "report to moderator" at the bottom of each post. Probably do something like make their whole IP range report to a moderator when mulitple of us "mark" the entry as spam. Of course, one issue with that is they would try to hack our systems in order to get our IP range blocked too.

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Yes, member weduskabe is an example that validates rule "spammers are dumb" By my count there have been ~287 spam on this forum this month by 15 different "members" using 15 different IPs, user names and email addresses.

There have also been ~28 other "members" this month that were banned during the validation process. Yes spammers do get through and post their stuff on a forum which caters to a group that is, no doubt, the most spam savvy on the internet.

This forum has the same issue other do; blocking spammers AND not preventing real users from joining.

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