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[resolved] forwarding from gmail site in browser


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(just sharing what I discovered in the last few days...)

I handle my gmail spam on a gmail login on my (FF) browser. (it puts spam in my spam folder there.)

I had tried (in my gmail login) choosing "show original", selecting all, copy, and then going to spamcop site where I was logged in, and pasting that into the box and submitting it, but always got "no IP" or whatever. I did finally delete my email and added it and redid the 4 or 5 things it told me to add but still no joy.

So I left that and tried forwarding from my gmail logon - kept getting error messages - no IP.

THEN tried "show original", save as some file, choosing "forward", pasting the special email addy I get from my spamcop logon, and most importantly attaching that file I made just above, and VOILA - I get an email saying spamcop accepted it. click on the link which pops me up in spamcop looking at it all parsed out correctly and can choose to submit it. YAY!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

Huge thanks folks!!! I used to submit all my stuff to spam[at]uce.gov but that doesn't seem to be working of late - in other words I still get spam. Yes, I will donate but please be patient with me - short this month... :(

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And darned effective!!! In a few short days dropped off from maybe 20/day to zero - and that includes the Chinese (cnnic.cn and ccert.cn) YAY!!! Huge thanks!!! :D I just dutifully sent a report for each piece of spam that showed up in my gmail spam box and VOILA! Very little time spent on my part.

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