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SpamCop has been had .... ISP gotcha


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I've been tracking those guys from OVH.ca, cloudflare.com, liquidweb.com and webclickhosting.com -- who continue to hammer us with those video spams.

You've seen them, car insurance, body enhancements, but mostly geterectondemand.com and servint.com . . .

For the past several days Spamcop does not report, but sends a reply "ISP has indicated this will be resolved sometime after 02/02/2016"

Heck guys -- it's the 11th of February. They told you it would be resolved so you would turn off the reporting . . . in 8 days they can send 200,000,000,000 spams.

and, I just got a flurry just 15 minutes ago.

So they haven't resolved the issue.

"Sometime after . . . " can mean February of 2030.

C'mon guys, I know you're not that gullible!

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