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Spamcop now missing the acutual spammer

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Yesterday, Spamcop stopped including spamvertised web links in the reports.

Generally it does no good what so ever to report the spam to the email provider of the sender. These are all throw-away email addresses which have no consequense on the spam sent or the cyber gang profiting from the spam.

The entity advertised in the spam is the cyber criminal that should be reported.

In many cases, the links are redirects or "single hop" links that get reported. These are of no consequence either because the spam uses them to bounce the victim to the actual spamvertised site. Most recently, these redirect links are at "No Master" hosts, and don't get reported anyway. This is the classic scenario of the porn, and pharma industries.

We have been manually getting the target site link and manually reporting those to the admins responsible. We know this technique works because the sites are shut down and the spammer has to set up shop elsewhere. Which we then report.

This is tedius and time consuming work.

Spamcop should put a few fields in the REPORT form for the purpose of actually going after the creators of the spam. . . . two or three fields for "Spamvertised Web Links" . . . that way, the actual firm hosting the cyber criminals can be alerted.


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That makes sense, is it possible for Spamcop to automate this somehow?

I know there are sites like "phishtank.org" that invite people to submit websites that are malicious.

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